Japanese meat firm mixes beef with pork

26-06-2007 | |

A Japanese meat-processing company from Hokkaido admitted to have shipped a mixture of minced beef and pork to food companies labelling it ‘ground beef’, its president confessed last week.

President Minoru Tanaka of the company Meat Hope Co told reporters that he approved the mixing of minced pork with minced beef when the company exhausted its beef stock.

The products were then labeled as ground beef, Tanaka said, adding, “We have to accept the blame for the deception.”

Whole of Japan
He added that the possible mixture could have been shipped to food companies, and apparently ended up being distributed in the whole of Japan after being processed into food products such as beef croquettes.

At an earlier news conference, Tanaka still claimed there was a possibility the meat was mixed by mistake and Tomakomai-based Meat Hope was investigating.

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