Japan to sell cloned beef and pork this year

07-01-2009 | |

The Japanese government is to state that cloned beef and pork made from cloned eggs or body cells are safe. This will permit its commercial sale this year, according to reports.

At the Japanese Food Safety Commission experts were quoted as stating that they concluded the quality of meat and ingredients of milk from cloned cows and pigs are as safe as those of normal meat. The commission will confirm its decision this year and report it to the Health, Welfare and Labor Ministry. The Cabinet will have final approval.

Cloned beef and pork on the market
According to reports, cloned beef and pork be on the market this year; however concerns over safety have risen. The US Food and Drug Administration and the European Food Safety Authority announced a year ago that meat and milk products made from cloned animals are safe. However, in the US, meat from cloned animals has not been sold on the market due to ethical and religious reasons.