Irish pork dioxin inquiry opened

09-01-2009 | |

The Irish times is reporting that an Oireachtas agriculture committee inquiry into the handling of the pork dioxin crisis has been opened.

The joint Oireachtas committee agreed to suspend all other business to investigate the scare which saw the recall of Irish pork products which had been contaminated by feed.

The committee will be holding a series of hearings in the coming weeks in order to investigate the issues surrounding the contamination of Irish pork products and consider how the difficulties now facing this industry might be overcome.

“The contamination of Irish pork products had a huge impact on producers, and consumers. Throughout the next few weeks, the committee will be assessing how this situation came about and examine how best to restore confidence to the industry in order to secure the future of this important sector,” said committee chairman Johnny Brady TD.

It has been reported that almost 50,000 contaminated pigs have already been slaughtered as a result of the dioxin scare.

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