Irish pig farmers left behind as EU prices rise

10-03-2008 | |

Irish pig farmers were forced to watch prices rise for their European colleagues while they lagged behind.

In Denmark, producers received 3c/kg extra last week, bringing their price rise to 8c over the past fortnight.

German prices rose by 3c in the last week, and by a total of 12c since the beginning of February. Spanish prices have also advanced 5c in the week, or 24c since the beginning of February.

An IFA spokesperson commented that “the longer the delay in passing back these increases, the more desperate the situation becomes for Irish pig farmers.”

Factory pig throughput so far this year is down 7,000, and IFA predicts throughput will decrease as the year progresses.

In Ireland, average pig prices at the beginning of last week stood at 131c in Ireland and 135c in the EU-27, according to IFA figures.

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