Irish pig farmer fined for Carbadox use

06-11-2006 | |

An Irish pig farmer has been fined over €15,000 for the use of the illegal growth promoter Carbadox in pigs.

In addition, the pig producer from Ballinamuck, Dungarvan, Co Waterford, was given a five month suspended sentence and was told pay €35,000 in costs after being convicted of 28 offences relating to the use of the pig remedy.
The growth promoter was banned by the European Commission in 1998, after research showed it caused cancer in laboratory animals.
The charge was brought by the Irish department of agriculture and food having conducted an inspection of his farm back in the year 2002.
Weight gain
At that time 12-and-half bags of growth promoter were found. Although the product is a treatment for dysentary in pigs, it can also be used to maintain weight gain in livestock.
Traces of it were also revealed in the carcass of a pig on the farm.
The suspended jail sentence was imposed for selling animals contrary to a restriction order.
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