Irish Food Board puts pork in the spotlight in promotional campaign

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The Irish Food Board (Bord Bia) is planning a promotional campagin for pork in an attempt to help Irish pig farmers that are going through dire straits.

Follow­ing a call from the industry, Bord Bia will bring forward their Pigmeat Quality Mark promotional campaign from late September to November. The campaign will feature about three weeks of television advertis­ing with the new ham and ba­con advert which encour­ages consumers to buy ham and bacon with the Bord Bia Quality Mark.

According to Bord Bia, following the first airing of the ad in March a consumer survey showed that consumer awareness of the advert was high. Consumers said it would encourage them to buy more ham and bacon with the quality mark.

The TV advert will be sup­ported by 250,000 leaflets in the Irish Independent ­in the end of September. Shortly afterwards a separate cam­paign featuring messages on the Quality Mark will be aired which will also have an em­phasis on ham and bacon.

The situation for Irish pig farmers has been troublesome for some while. Amii McKeever, columnist in the Irish Farmers Journal analysed the current market situation, saying ‘things have actually never been this bad’. “Pig prices are not moving upwards and feed prices seem to be on an un­stoppable surge northwards.” She wrote that a 6% year on year rise in pig prices has been negligable in comparison to the rise in feed prices.”

Adding to the strain of Irish sow breeders is the fact that by January 1, all gestating sows have to be kept in group housing. McKeever wrote: “Retailers, processors and consumers take note; prices must rise across the EU to se­cure home-produced pig meat into 2013.”

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