Irish call for pork quality assurance

06-04-2007 | |

Irish pork consumers should be more aware of quality assurance logos.

This appeal comes from the Irish Farmers Association, who have proposed country of origin labeling for pig meat just like for beef.

Country of origin
“As the Minister for Agriculture has not yet honored commitments to introduce country of origin labeling of meats other than beef, consumers must rely on the quality assurance logo as proof that the product is Irish and therefore meets the high standards that the consumer demands,” IFA pigs and pig meat chairman, Michael Maguire, said.

Only last week, Irish pig producers attended seminars to get acquianted to the latest set of measures to be introduced to the Quality Assurance Scheme.

To meet this standard involves certain criteria, like the introduction of an independent governing board, detailed operational procedures for the scheme to be certified and an internal quality management system.

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