Invesa introduces three new products

25-09-2008 | |

At Eurotier Invesa wants to introduce three new products: Doxyprex, Energyn and Betamint.

Invesa group was founded about 30 years ago in Barcelona, Spain. Since then the company has been devoted to manufacture and commercialize veterinary products such as antibiotics, antiinflammatories, antihelmintics, hormonal and nutritional products.

Doxyprex, the first doxycycline premix with BMP technology registered in Europe

Doxyprex is 10% doxycycline medicated premix registered in 11 European countries . The main advantage of Doxyprex is its BMP technology, which prevents doxycycline degradation in the premix, during granulation process and storage of feed. Thanks to BMP protection dust emission and cross contamination are almost nule and the homogeneous mixing of feed is guaranteed.

Energyn is a highly energetic oral gel, mainly composed of medium-chain fatty acids, which is especially formulated to help the smallest piglets in the litter to increase their chances of survival.

Betamint is an oral solution that alleviates the symptoms of heat stress in pigs and poultry. It is a complete product mainly composed of several ingredients (betaine, vitamin C, electrolytes and menthol) that act on the various processes involved on heat stress syndrome.

Through the development of new products, Invesa aims to serve the avian and livestock industry through the widest portfolio of veterinary products.

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