Intra Hydrocare obtains unique full product registration PT2, PT3 and PT4

15-03-2010 | |

Intracare has obtained a full biocidal product registration from the CTGB for its drinking system cleaner Intra Hydrocare. The product is now registered for use in all categories: PT2 (private or medical sector), PT3 (veterinary sector) and PT4 (feed sector).

This is a unique situation. ‘Intra Hydrocare is the first cleaning and disinfection product to be safely used in all sectors’, explains Arjan van de Vondervoort, Marketing and Sales manager at Intracare.
Intra Hydrocare easily cleans the complete watering system (e.g. storage reservoirs, pipes, drinking nozzles, cups and towers), both during and after the production period. The unique extensive registration makes Intra Hydrocare a novelty on VIV Europe 2010, 20-22 April at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht, The Netherlands. Van de Vondervoort: ‘We have made a major step forward. We are the only supplier that integrates 3 registrations into 1 product. This offers the farmer a lot of benefits and he knows for sure that cleaning with Intra Hydrocare is 100% safe for his animals, his materials and of course for himself.’
Veterinary sector
The CTGB is the competent authority regarding the registration of biocidal products in the Netherlands and Europe. All biocidals have to be periodically reviewed. Intra Hydrocare was reviewed at the end of 2009. ‘Until that moment, we had a registration for the use in categories PT2 and PT4, respectively private or medical sector and feed sector’, says Van de Vondervoort. ‘A study by the leading research institute TNO showed that Intra Hydrocare is also very effective against micro-organisms that are present in the veterinary sector, the PT3 use.’ Because of the new TNO study, the CTGB came to the conclusion that Intra Hydrocare can also be used for the category PT3.
Intra Hydrocare
It is essential that watering systems are purified on a regular basis to prevent that clean drinking water is being contaminated. Moreover, without regular cleaning, the contamination can become so serious, that disassembly or replacement of the total watering system is the only solution. ‘We advise on the correct way of cleaning the watering system. Cleaning can take place in empty housing, but also in operational situations. With Intra Hydrocare, cleaning is easy and takes place with the least possible effort. These are important advantages,’ says Van de Vondervoort.
Intracare presents The Nightwatch
At VIV Europe, Intracare will organise a typical Dutch presentation. ‘At our booth we will show a unique edition of the famous Nightwatch. It is made of 30.000 hand painted, little wooden shoes and the ‘painting’ is real size. The painters have used 255 authentic colours. The special edition of the Nightwatch is safely on display in the VIP lounge at the booth of Intracare. ‘Visitors can watch the painting, but are not allowed to touch it.’ At the 21st of April, there will be a Dutch Night. ‘We will organise a Holland House at Intracare!’, concludes the marketing manager. Intracare participates in VIV Europe 2010 at stand 8D.004. More information:

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