International cooperation in swine research

07-02-2007 | |

Schothorst Feed Research, Lelystad, the Netherlands and Prairie Swine Centre, Saskatoon, Canada have signed an agreement to formalise cooperation in swine nutrition research. Through this agreement both organisations aim to further strengthen their respective competencies and experience, thereby expanding both the quantity and breadth of research output.

According to Dr Patience, President of the Prairie Swine Centre, this agreement will enhance the effectiveness to communicate research data to various industry stakeholders including pork producers and the feed industry.

Value through cooperation
Dr Piet van der Aar from Schothorst looks forward to the value they can obtain through a closer working relationship with Prairie Swine Centre. “The cooperation with the team at Prairie Swine Centre, we will get a fresh view of how another organization approaches taking industry needs and developing solutions in a low cost and efficient manner” van der Aar added.
In the beginning, the cooperative effort will focus on the evaluation of feed ingredients and the nutritional requirements for various classes of swine. This will include having scientists aware of research at the other institution, opportunities for doing joint research and technology transfer functions and even co-location of personnel.
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