Innov’Space**: Water treatment system Apire

12-09-2012 | |
Innov’Space**: Water treatment system Apire

The usage of the Apire drinking line cleaning equipment on poultry and pig farms reduces the risk of disease, and ensures the efficiency of vaccines and feed supplements applied via water.

Various vaccines and agents with preventive indications are administered to the animals via water and the water supply system. Their efficiency is highly influenced by the quality of the water and condition in the water supply system. For good animal welfare access to fresh, clean drinking water is crucial.

Apire supports animal welfare especially in farms with poor or variable water quality from own wells.

The Apire drinking line cleaning equipment can be used for rinsing and cleaning drinking water systems in poultry and pig farming.

The drinking line cleaning equipment is based on the time-pulsed introduction of compressed air and water into piping systems to be treated by means of an adjustable pulse duration and interval for the compressed air and water.

The equipment creates compressed air and water “plugs” which enter the drinking water supply system at different frequencies, thus mechanically removing impurities and reducing the biofilm out of the water supply system. The equipment can be used both during the cycle and service period.

The equipment is chemical-free, and therefore causes no corrosion in the systems, has no negative impact on health, and poses no risk to the health of the animals and farm workers.

It helps to ensure clean, fresh water for livestock by mechanically removing harmful biofilm and impurities from the pipelines and drinking water supply system.

An independent jury of experts awarded this product: Two starsLohmann Animal Health, Cuxhaven, Germany.