Innov’Space: Restraining device for piglets Easytek

12-09-2012 | |
Innov’Space: Restraining device for piglets Easytek

Catching of piglets in a farrowing crate is made easier with this system, Easytek.

In 2012, the company I-TEK carried out a survey among 30 pig breeders. This opinion survey gave them understandings about the needs of the breeders towards the ergonomics of the pig breeding equipment, time wasting, productivity and innovation.

70% of the pig breeders think that the piglets’ care in the farrowing house is what requests more time and is the most difficult task: it is really difficult to catch and isolate piglets in a farrowing crate.

The locking system Easytek for piglets enables to lock the piglets manually or automatically in a closed area.

Thanks to the Easytek, the farm manager does not to enter the crate anymore to catch the piglets.

The confinement is composed of doors that close themselves made out of rigid but light plastic strips.

When used in the non-locked mode (usual functioning), the strips are free, the doors works like a classical cat-flap. The piglets can come in and out as they want.

When used in the locked mode, the rotation of the strips outside the enclosure is locked and becomes impossible. That way, the piglets can come in but they cannot go out of the enclosure.

A heating lamp enables to attract the piglets inside the enclosure.

If the breeder put the Easytek system in the locked mode maximum two hours before the beginning of the piglets ‘care, they have time to find the heating point and they will go into the catching area by themselves.

When the piglets’ care is finished, the Easytek can be completely unfolded and fixed along the side of the farrowing crate. That doesn’t take up space and that enables easy handling.

The aim of the Easytek system is to reduce the time spent for the piglets’ carrying, improving in the meantime the working conditions of the farm managers.

An independent jury of experts awarded this product: One starItek, Tremeur, France