Innovative supplement for pigs with potential

16-12-2009 | |

German feed specialist Schaumann is introducing Schauma-Omni-S pig feed with extra salmon oil and omega-3 fatty acids.

Schauma Omni-S is defined by the two functional components salmon oil and lignocellulose. Gelatinized wheat is used as a highly digestible carrier, with acids and antioxidants added to stabilise the product.

The key innovation is the use of salmon oil and the omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) it contains.

These special long-chain fatty acids have a regulatory effect on the formation of tissue hormones (prostaglandins), promote the development of the nervous system, have anti-inflammatory activity and strengthen and improve the immune system in general.

Functional lignocellulose is a standardised combination of soluble and insoluble food fibres with a prebiotic effect.

The judicious combination of fibre fractions achieves improved intestinal activity, a reduction in pathogenic microorganisms and optimal faecal consistency.

This unique, complex activity spectrum means that Schauma Omni-S can be used in sows, piglets and boars.

Further information is available via Schaumann in Germany.

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