Innovations and speakers at Cuiabá pig event

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Innovations and speakers at Cuiabá pig event

The Brazilian National Seminar on the Development of Pig Production, held 25-27 April in Cuiabá, combined a mix of interesting speakers and many innovations.

Cuiabá is the capital of Mato Grosso State, in the South of Brazil.

Hiroyasu Nakai, president of the Japan Meat Grading Association, opened the speech and debate series talking about ‘The Japan market for the Brazilian Pork’, a high interest topic to Brazil, since the country still does not export to Japan.

Another topical speech, about OIE’s discussions on ‘zoning’ and ‘compartmentalisation’, was delivered by Alejandro Thiermann, president of the commission on sanitary code for land animals of OIE, also of interest to local producers because of the restriction from many markets to the Brazilian pork because of cattle FMD outbreaks (despite not having registered a single case in pigs from more than 18 years).

Among the novelties at the parallel fair, Pen ar Lan was showing their Naïma hyperprolific sow, which has a mix of Chinese and European blood.

The EMBRAPA (a Brazilian governmental research body on agriculture and animal science) unit specialised on swine and poultry also had a new pig on display, MS 60 – the light swine – a development within their ongoing selection for animals with leaner meat, which started 10 years ago with MS 58.

EMBRAPA was also showing their biodigester proposal and advices, focused on the small producers.

Feed sector
The feed sector also had some news. Guabi, a Brazilian company, was launching a new line for pigs, Nutrin&uacutecleo, composed of three different feeds: Pré Leitão 6000, a starter feed; Leitão 1000, a later starter feed, before the transition to the grow-out phase; and Suinoceva Terminação LM, for the termination phase for those with a focus on leaner meat.

Agroceres Animal Nutrition was showing Pig Care, a special feed for underweight piglets. According to the company, the product aims at reducing losses due to hypoglycemia.

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