INNOVATION: Wireless lactating sow feeding

16-09-2009 | |

Canadian company Jyga Technologies introduced a wireless lactation sow feeding system at the French livestock show SPACE at Rennes.

The company received two Innov’SPACE stars for the introduction of this product, called Gestal FM, which has evolved after over a decade of improvements. Essentially it consists of a feeding robot, which can be activated by a sow playing with an ‘agitator’. After that, the sow will receive around the clock the exact amounts of dry feed, suitable for her situation and her needs.

The device is easily applicable as buttons on the interface is equipped with illustrations. Changes to the programming can thus be made easily. Data will be sent wirelessly to a central computer for monitoring purposes.

The product was launched in the US and Canada about three years ago, and according to the company both large sow farms (>2,000 sows) and also relatively small sow farms (>60 sows) are using the system.

SPACE takes place at Parc-Expo at Rennes Airport, France and lasts from 15-18 September.

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