Innovation: Self-closing feeding pens for sows in group housing

18-11-2011 | |

Van der Lee Stalinrichting en Voersystemen bv has developed a revolutionary system for group-housed sows. This innovation makes use of the results of the practical study conducted by Animal Sciences Group of Wageningen UR1, with which better reproduction results are stimulated.

In 2010 the practical study by Animal Sciences Group van Wageningen UR showed that one of the factors for success in the group housing of sows in feeding pens is a sufficiently wide run. Farms with a run 2.50 to 3.00 metres wide achieve significantly better reproduction results than farms with a narrower run behind the pens.
In order to be able to realise this factor for success easily without higher construction costs, Van der Lee Stalinrichting in Nistelrode, the Netherlands has recently developed a revolutionary system for sows in group housing: Pig Free(tm) self-closing feeding pens, Pat. Pend. EP 11150185.4.
Depending on the pen width, this innovation gives your sows up to as much as 30% more room to move behind the pens, with the room for the sow to lie down reduced by only 10%, this having a positive impact on the reproduction results.
Pig Free(tm) self-closing feeding pens are equipped with a unique patented self-closing swing door with a peg closure and can be extended with a central locking system. Proper closure of the door is guaranteed at all times, even with fully-grown sows in pens of 200 cm (lying down space 210 cm) and a pen width of 70 cm.
Thanks to the unique and well thought out design of the central locking system, you can supervise the sty and the sows can easily be accessed in an optimum manner.
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