INNOVATION: Liquid feeding pump

16-09-2009 | |

German pig equipment manufacturer Big Dutchman has launched a new liquid feeding system at the French livestock show SPACE, held in Rennes this week.

The new automatic product, called MixPump, is suitable for feeding piglets and finishers and was presented with the comment that a mix tank, agitator and weighing system are not necessary. Feed components are dosed, mixed and discharged continuously and fully automatically.

“The system works by a two-stage proportioning pump which mixes liquid and dry components together and transports them directly to the pigs,” the company wrote in a press release. “In a first mixing stage, feed is premixed with water and then transferred to the second stage with increased pressure.”

The company claims the new system saves both labour and energy. Being not very large, the system is suitable for small rooms.

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