INNOVATION: Boar collection device

16-09-2009 | |

French pig reproduction company Genes Diffusion introduced a new type of boar collection device at this year’s edition of SPACE, at Rennes, France.

The company received two Innov’SPACE awards for its new product called Kit Collect. The product consists of an artificial vagina, the collection cone and the liner.

When the boar’s penis is going out, it needs to be put in the artificial vagina and it is placed in a mechanic clamp. Essentially this replaces manual pressure for mechanic pressure, adjustable to the penis size. Hence, the boar is collecting itself and has its semen filtered, prior to being collected.

Advantages are that there is less manual labour involved and there are even less chances of cross-contamination of the semen.

A couple of years ago, Genes Diffusion launched the Gedis, a novel way of artificial insemination.

SPACE is held from 15 to 18 September in Parc-Expo of Rennes Airport.

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