Innovation at Eurotier: RescuePig – a good start for vulnerable piglets

15-11-2010 | |
Innovation at Eurotier: RescuePig – a good start for vulnerable piglets

At Eurotier, Provimi presents an innovation which builds on the success of RescueMilk. A new system is introduced for the provision of RescueMilk to young piglets.

RescueCups are patented plastic cups with nipple drinkers, especially designed for the supply of RescueMilk. RescueCups are already used in the RescueDeck, but may now also be placed in the farrowing pen. This offers the possibility to automate the feeding of RescueMilk to large or weak litters.
Decreased piglet mortality
Provimi’s RescuePig concept offers a good start to vulnerable piglets. With RescuePig, piglet mortality before weaning may decrease with up to 5%, and weaning weights increase. The litter index improves, because less foster sows are needed. Especially in large litters, small, vulnerable piglets are born; these piglets experience a difficult start in life. The RescuePig concept, based on the provision of RescueMilk, offers these runts a good start: at weaning they perform no worse than their stronger littermates. The uniformity of litters improves. RescueMilk contains very well digestible ingredients and stimulates the development of the digestive tract.
RescueMilk may be supplied in various manners. The RescueDeck is an incubator for the rearing of weak or supernumerary piglets. The RescueDeck is preferably placed above the sow, in the farrowing pen. The piglets are then encouraged to drink by the vocalisations of their mother, the climatic conditions are optimal for the piglet’s needs, and all in – all out system is maintained. Young piglets may be placed in the RescueDeck from an age of three days, after they drank colostrum with their mother. At the moment, already 2000 RescueDecks have been installed in Europe.
On many farms, RescueMilk is given by hand to large litters or litters with many small piglets. This also decreases piglet mortality before weaning, without having to invest in the installation of RescueDecks. From now on, it is also possible to supply RescueMilk through RescueCups in the farrowing pen. This automated milk feeding increases the positive effects of RescueMilk and limits labour for the farmer.