Induction into NPPC Hall of Fame

12-03-2012 | |

Allen Christian, former manager of Iowa State University’s Swine Teaching Farm and a pork producer from Ames, Iowa, was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the National Pork Producers Council at the organization’s annual business meeting – the National Pork Industry Forum – held in Denver March 1-3 for his outstanding contributions to the U.S. pork industry.

Christian, who acquired a drive to improve pigs from his parents, Francis and Brunetta, for more than 50 years was responsible for the success of the hog herd at Iowa State, where the farm now bears his name – the Allen E. Christian Swine Teaching Farm. As a teacher and mentor there, he imparted skills and knowledge to his students well beyond any curriculum. Many of his former charges have become pork industry leaders.
In addition to his vocation as an educator, Christian was a pig breeder and judge. His influence on the purebred swine industry has been felt across the country and internationally, and he often would counsel producers, sharing his wisdom with friends and competitors alike to improve the pork industry. Although his roots were in the purebred industry, he maintained and nurtured an interest in all facets of pig breeding.
Christian’s contributions have affected not only pork production around the world but the people who raise pigs, the groups advocating for the pork industry and the university where he dedicated his life’s work. From the now-named, came one of the most positive influences on the pork industry in history.
“Christian was and still is a valuable champion for the U.S. pork industry,” said NPPC President R.C. Hunt, a pork producer from Wilson, N.C. “His leadership and mentoring of young people for an improved swine industry has been invaluable. NPPC is pleased to induct him into its Hall of Fame.”

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