Income European pig producers up 4.5%

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Income European pig producers up 4.5%

On average, in 2006 EU pig producers earned 4.5% more for their finisher pigs than in 2005. The average pig price in 2006 was €1.419 per kilogramme slaughterweight.

These figures appear in the European pig prices research carried out by the German pig producers’ organisation (ISN). Every week the ISN collects and corrects national figures of thirteen EU member states to create prices per kilogramme slaughterweight of a standard pig.

In 2005 the average European price was €1.358, in 2004 €1.322.

Italy topping the list

Pig producers in Italy had nothing to complain, as their prices turned out the highest (€1.517). Italy saw the strongest growth in pig prices as well, a 12.8% growth compared to 2005 (€1.345).

Despite a spectacular growth of 7.9%, last year’s number one, Spain, dropped to the runner up position, ending up with an average price of €1.514. Great Britain ended third (€1.502, plus 1.4%), Germany fourth (€1.453, plus 4.8%).

Poland: price drop

In Poland, prices were lowest (€1.275); Poland was the only country in which prices actually dropped, altogether by 2.7%. Partly this is due to the fact that exports to both Ukraine and Russia were banned.

Danish pig prices, in 2004 almost the lowest, grew more than average, by 5.3%. Still, the country ended 11th with an average price of €1.341.

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