Improving profitability for Canadian producers

08-07-2010 | |

The Value Chain Management Centre has released a workbook aimed at helping Canadian producers improve their profitability in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


Martin Gooch, Director of the Value Chain Management Centre, explains the benefits of using the workbook.©© “It provides producers with a new perspective of their farming operations in relation to meeting the needs of customers and consumers.© Many producers who have used the ideas presented in the workbook have improved their prosperity and competitiveness, in a number of cases doubling their profitability within eighteen months.” ©©

Originally developed as a complementary tool used in value chain workshops, the workbook is now available as a stand-alone document.© In addition to explaining the basics of value chain management, it details the factors critical to the success of forming or managing a chain or relationship with individual businesses.© The workbook helps producers identify issues facing their businesses, as well as opportunities to improve profitability by reducing costs, increasing revenue, or improving the overall value of their products from the perspective of customers and consumers.© This provides them with knowledge and insights they can act upon to mitigate or eliminate issues and take greater advantage of key opportunities.© Several processors and retailers have used the same approach for improving their operations and achieving greater success.
Development of the workbook, which is also available at, was part of a project funded by ACC Farmers’ Financial, Canadian Farm Business Management Council, Farm Credit Canada and HUB International.
The Value Chain Management Centre, part of the George Morris Centre, supports the creation of sustainable, profitable value chains through leadership and innovation in research, education and demonstration
  • CLICK here for workbook (PDF)