Improved BPHS Scheme for Pig Producers

11-06-2008 | |

The British Pig Health Scheme (BPHS), which BPEX launched in 2005, has proved such a success with farmers and vets that a new improved three-year scheme is to start.

BPHS provides members, their vets, abattoirs and funding partners with regular, objective and detailed post-mortem health assessments from pigs submitted to 14 specialist pig abattoirs in England. To date the BPHS team of specialist pig vets have reported on more than 12,000 consignments of pigs.

Initial analysis of the data from those members who have been regularly assessed since 2005 has shown units which started with higher than average scores for enzootic pneumonia, pleurisy and milk spot liver have all been making good progress in reducing the number of pigs affected.

A survey of members of the scheme found that all of the farmers surveyed discussed the BPHS reports with their vets when reviewing pig health and performance. Over 60% of producers and 80% of vets have been taking action on farms to tackle health issues using information from their reports.

Additional benefits
The new scheme offers additional benefits such as the opportunity for vets to take additional samples, increased number of assessment days, consultations with vets about conditions they have observed in the abattoir and better defined detail on pleurisy.

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