Illinois completes deal for hog sale to China

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A trade lead obtained on a swine tour sponsored by the Illinois Department of Agriculture has resulted in a large, $1.7 million hog sale to China for a central Illinois export business.


Ag World, Bloomington, shipped 1,226 Landrace, Duroc and Yorkshire hogs in late September to South Golden Valley Agri-Husbandry, Ltd., of Chongqing, consummating a deal that took two years to complete.

“South Golden Valley is starting a hog farm southwest of Beijing and wants to supply breeding stock to all of Chongqing province, which has been identified as an ideal location to raise pigs,” Bruce Cluver, Chief Executive Officer of Ag World, said. “The fact it chose Illinois for such an important purchase demonstrates the quality of our swine genetics and helps explain why Illinois is one of the top hog-producing states in the nation.”

Work on the sale began in June of 2006 when the department’s Bureau of Marketing and Promotion introduced Cluver to Chinese swine buyers on its Pork Tour, a programme that promotes exports of Illinois pork products.

New facilities
The buyers informed South Golden Valley Agri-Husbandry of potential trade opportunities with Illinois and a deal was negotiated that September while Ag World was exhibiting in the department’s pavilion at VIV China. The shipment was not made until 2008, however, to allow for construction to be finished on South Golden Valley’s new facilities.

Agriculture Director Tom Jennings said, “Illinois agriculture is an export-dependent industry, and China represents a lucrative potential trading partner for us. Our challenge now is to turn this sale into repeat business and grow our market share.”

Illinois currently is the second-leading exporter of livestock to China with sales of $6.5 million through June of 2008. The $1.7 million hog shipment will boost this year’s sales more than 25 percent.

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