Illegal pork syndicate uncovered in China

19-01-2009 | |
Illegal pork syndicate uncovered in China

A syndicate in the Chinese city of Guangzhou that was selling pork from diseased pigs processed with a highly toxic pesticide has recently been discovered by the police according to local newspaper, Epoch Times.

It has been reported that the operation introduced several tonnes of tainted pork into the market every day for a year and a half. Some of the pork came from pigs that had apparently died of foot and mouth disease and ear disease, according to Chinese officials.

The group were buying a diseased pig at 50 to 200 yuan (US$7- 29), and selling for 1600 to 2500 yuan ($234-366) after processing. Most of the spoiled pork was sold to small restaurants, street vendors, canteens or even meat packaging factories.