Hypor forms new swine breeding alliance

22-04-2009 | |

Meeting the breeding needs of both Canadian and mid American producers has lead to the strategic alliance between Hypor and newly incorporated Mid-America Genetics International Incorporated (MAG) a Manitoba based genetic company.

©The partnership will see the development of a new commercial female by combining the industry leading Hypor Landrace line with the successful MAG Large White line.

While offering Hypor a unique multiplication opportunity and larger market reach, this alliance is a perfect fit given the commitment and common values of both Hypor and MAG to the North American producer and specifically the Hutterian Brethren.

“Aligning with MAG will give Hypor stronger connections with the Hutterian Brethren,” said Eric Aubin, Sales Manager of Hypor, “as MAG has deep roots within the Hutterite Colonies, a strength that will allow Hypor to continue to grow.”

“This unique alliance provides MAG with a strong Landrace line which allows us to continue to focus on our successful Large White program” said Richard Rex, General Manager of MAG. “It was seen as a natural fit to repopulate our 1200 sow production unit with high health purebred Hypor gilts.”

The Sunnyside Colony facility, located near Oakville, MB will also use Bio-Hypor, a unique closed herd breeding program developed by Hypor. The MAG-Hypor gilts will be sold under the MAG brand name, MAGlink.

The combination of the two companies will be a benefit to the end user, and will create an immediate increase in production, with the backing of worldwide leading research and development by Hendrix Genetics.

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