Hypor and Russia to cooperate on pig breeding

04-07-2007 | |

Hypor B.V, a Hendrix Genetics company and “Znamensky Selekcionno-Gibridny Center” LLC, an Exima company have signed an agreement to co-operate in the field of pig breeding in Russia.

After a careful selection of potential suppliers of genetics, “Exima” JSC which owns the Mikoyan meat processing plant, has chosen Hypor as the supplier of purebred animals to produce (Great) Grand Parent animals in Russia and to produce Parent Stock for commercial pig farms. The projects will take place in Orlovskaya Oblast and will be carried out by Exima’s affiliated company “Znamenskiy Selection Hybrid Center”.

In the second half of 2007, three nucleus farms with a capacity of more than 3,000 sows will be filled with purebred animals from the Hypor nucleus farms in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Quality meat

“The project is part of the national program for the development of the agricultural sector with the aim to supply breeding stock for the whole animal breeding industry as well as providing quality meat for food processors, including carcasses for the Mikoyan meat processing plant” said Mr. Demin. Mr. Demin is the General Director of Exima JSC and Mikoyan MPP and the president of the Russian pork producers union.

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