Huvepharma’s OptiPhos approved for use in European Union

01-03-2012 | |

The phytase product OptiPhos, to be used in both pigs and poultry, has received approval for use in the European Union.

The European Commission approved the product, consisting of a 6-phytase, earlier this month. The European Food Safety Authority stated that the product ‘does not have an adverse effect on animal health, human health or the environment, and that its use can improve the phosphorus digestibility in all target species and performance parameters in avian species.’
OptiPhos, produced by the yeast species Pichia pastoris, belongs to the additive category ‘zootechnical additives’ and to the functional group ‘digestibility enhancers’.
In pigs, it can be used in feeds for weaned piglets, pigs for fattening and sows.
In poultry, the feed additive has been approved for use in feeds for chickens and turkeys for fattening, chickens reared for laying, turkeys reared for breeding, laying hens, other avian species for fattening and laying.
OptiPhos is produced and marketed by Huvepharma, headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria.
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