Hungary: pork intervention purchases needed

19-06-2007 | |

EU member Hungary will urge Brussels to start intervention purchases of pork to ease market tensions on pigmeat.

The difficulties are related to the problems Poland has to export its pigmeat to Russia, the Hungarian minister of agriculture József Gráf said.

Sanitary reasons
Russia has banned Polish meat because of sanitary and food safety reasons, causing Polish pig prices to decrease. Approximately 4 million pigs that cannot be sold, have been accumulated in Poland. They were sent to several markets across the European continent.

Hungary faces most of these extra shipments, with over half a million animals imported from Poland in 2006 only, about 12-14% of total slaughterings in one year.

Import prices
Import prices are averaging at €0.72-0.80 per kilogramme. Domestic prices fall in the range of €0.92-0.96 per kilogramme.

The Hungarian minister meets his Polish colleague on the issue this week.

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