Hubbard Feeds produce swine nutrition podcasts

09-09-2008 | |

Hubbard Feeds are producing a series of podcasts called The Hub. Pork producers can hear an industry expert talk through issues of the industry.

Each episode in the monthly podcast series will feature a different expert in swine nutrition, drawn from Hubbard Feed’s technical staff and industry professionals.

First podcast
Dr. Dennis Liptrap, a Hubbard Feeds technical consultant with several decades of swine nutrition and technical experience, presents the first podcast, “Reducing Feed Costs with Wheat.” Dr. Liptrap focuses on concerns, trial results and recommendations for those producers who are thinking of totally or partially substituting wheat for corn in the swine diet.

“With the automatic subscription, the producer can listen to the experts at their convenience, replay the information as they need to, plus have the opportunity to ask for specific topics,” Lori Stevermer, Swine Product Manager at Hubbard Feeds adds.

Critical information
The Hub podcasts are the newest addition to the tips and tools Hubbard Feeds has developed to deliver more critical information to livestock producers, including nutrition management guides, information sheets and calculators.

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