Hoss heaviest at Indiana State Fair

20-08-2007 | |

The top prize this year at the State Fair in Indiana, USA for the heaviest pig went to Hoss, a crossbred boar weighing 993 pounds (450 kg).

Hoss belongs to Ron and Dian Krumme of Dudleytown in Jackson County. The Krummes also won the contest in 1998.

Hoss is a 4-year old crossbreed and gave the Krummes their second “World’s Largest Boar” victory. They also took home the crown in 1998 with their boar “Tickle me Elmo.”

While Hoss’ 993 lbs. is impressive, he was actually bigger during his county fair back home.

“He lost a lot of weight getting up here,” Dian Krumme said. “On July 21st at the Jackson County fair, he weighed 1,009 pounds (457 kg).”

Case is second
Case, an 892-pound (404 kg) Yorkshire hog, won the title of World’s Second Largest Boar missing the grand champion crown by a mere 101 pounds (46 kg).

Jerry Quinn and his family have raised Case on their Alexandria farm since his birth in February 2005.

“He eats about 20 pounds a day,” Quinn said. Case’s diet consists of everything from ground pig feed to candy.

The Quinns came close to the top prize in 2003 with a Duroc boar named Elvis who weighted around 1,000 pounds (>453 kg). Unfortunately, that year another contestant was over 1,200 pounds (544 kg).

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