Hormel Foods continues to use SignalDemand’s Predictive Analytics software

25-04-2011 | |

SignalDemand, the leader in predictive analytics and optimization for commodities based value chains, announced that Hormel Foods has renewed its subscription to SignalDemand’s predictive analytics software service.

Hormel Foods has used SignalDemand since 2008 to institutionalize its pricing process, ensuring that the company is better able to determine its forward pricing strategy thus strengthening its customer relationships.  The SignalDemand software as a service solution has enabled Hormel Foods to better support their customers’ promotion plans.
“We are delighted that Hormel Foods has chosen to continue its relationship with our organization,” said Mike Neal, CEO and founder of SignalDemand.  “Known as an industry innovator, Hormel Foods’ decision to renew its SignalDemand software subscription is an indicator of the value that predictive analytics delivers. It helps Hormel Foods manage volatility and plays a key role in helping the food and meat supplier maintain its strong earnings record.”
SignalDemand provides predictive analytics and optimization for commodity based value chains. Through on-demand software and services, SignalDemand delivers real-time recommendations to help make complex price, mix, supply and purchasing decisions across products, customers, channels and suppliers. Using patented, comprehensive mathematical models to process thousands of variables, SignalDemand enables better day-to-day decision-making and increased profit margins.
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