Hopeful results for PCV vaccines

26-09-2006 | |

Canadian veterinarians report hopeful results about two new vaccines, being tested in the country, devised to protect against Porcine Circo Virus (PCV) associated diseases.

According to interviews with vets by Radio Farmscape Online, the number of fatal cases, caused by PCV associated diseases, has fallen as a consequence of the use of vaccines.


Dr Francois Cardinal , from Les Consultants Avi-Porc, said on affected farms he saw ‘a large improvement with vaccination’. After a period of general natural improvement, he said mortality already dropped from 10% to 8%. “But now, with the vaccine we see a 2 or 2.5% mortality in finishers.”
Not having seen any hard numbers yet, Prof Dr John Harding from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the Canadian University of Saskatchewan could say he got ‘very positive feelings’. “Circumstantial and evidence from the field would certainly suggest that the vaccines are working at this point in time, dropping the incidence down,” Harding said.


The most widely recognised manifestation of PCV infection is Post-weaning Multisystem Wasting Syndrome (PMWS ), affecting piglets through weight loss and general weakening.
The two vaccines used are manufactured and distributed by Merial (used on sows, prior to farrowing) and Intervet (used on piglets at the time of weaning).
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