Hipra to sponsor 6th Emerging and Re-emerging Pig Diseases event

25-05-2011 | |

Animal health company Hipra will be sponsoring the sixth Emerging and re-emerging Pig Diseases event and contributing knowledge and future solutions to problems in relation to animal health that have an important effect on the swine production sector.

As part of the Congress’ programming, the Spanish company will present various studies and research conducted by the company in different countries where it is located in relation to swine flu and its vaccine against the disease, Gripork, as well as field work on PRRS.
In addition, the company has programmed a satellite symposium to take place in the Barcelona Congress Centre that will be held on 14 June in the afternoon within the context of the event’s activities. The Symposium will deal with new research into the PRRS disease and cover various field aspects for controlling and preventing the clinical problems in relation to the PRRS virus. In the talks given, Amervac PRRS, the company’s live vaccine against the PRRS disease, will be the event’s main attraction.
The product’s efficacy will be demonstrated and various solutions provided for the multiple field cases that appear in relation with this disease from a local, regional and global point of view.
** The 6th Emerging and re-emerging Pig Diseases event will take place 12 – 15 June 2011, Barcelona, Spain.
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