HerdStar updates feed tracking concept

15-05-2009 | |

HerdStar has released its newest version of Bintrac.com introducing a whole new concept in Bin Monitoring and Feed tracking. Bintrac VMI version 2.0 now tracks and reports Feed Events occurring on feed bins in near real time.

Using Bintrac’s new Event Monitoring and Notification Service, a barn manager can be notified when a bin has been filled, or when the bin is not providing any feed.

According to the manufacturer Bintrac can now text-message managers at 6 hours, 12 hours and 18 hours into a Feed-Out Event allowing them ample time to correct one of the most expensive feed issues before it impacts production.

Text-message notification
Bintrac version 2.0 will alert individuals to Events while logged into the Bintrac.com website as well as email or text-message notification of these feed events as they develop providing up to three notifications on Events as they trigger preconfigured severity levels. ‘No Usage’, ‘Fill Event’, ‘Feed Order Past Due’, ‘Fill Amount Error’, ‘Bin Not Reporting’, ‘No Feed’, ‘Low/Abnormal Usage’ are just a few of the Events Bintrac VMI is monitoring automatically for its clients.

”I have been able to see and correct several Feed-Out Events on my sites since I started using Bintrac VMI version 2.0. If I am not in the office or it’s a weekend, Bintrac continues to keep me posted on these Events by text-messaging it right to my phone,” reports Becky Dohlman, Vice President of Operations, at Next Generation Pork.

Additionally, Bintrac VMI version 2.0 has enhanced its Historical Single and Tandem Bin Graphs. The All-In-One look at Tandem Bins is the most sophisticated and accurate Bin Feed Level and Usage graphing presentation on the Market. It provides accurate hourly feed levels and usage over 15 to 105 days on a single graph that can be printed or downloaded to a personal spreadsheet for further analysis.

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