HerdStar: Preview of software at World Pork Expo 2012

03-05-2012 | |

HerdStar is releasing a preview of their all new version of GF Pro software at the World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa.

This new version links producers to the feedmills, growers, and packers. One new feature allows users to query, sort and view data effortlessly to find their competitive edges. “I have been testing some of the new features such as its sorting analysis to analyse field performance of marketing and it has already made a difference in our ability to help our field staff to hit the target,” says Gregg Sample of Next Generation Pork, GF Pro’s original author.
GF Pro grow/finish software has been recognised for its ability to track feed budget compliance, production performance and report inventory levels to bankers. Based on its original version, with over 15 years and millions of hogs successfully managed, this new version of swine management software captures the essence of practical computing while delivering a powerful and dynamic tool for measuring production feed efficiencies, growth performance and marketing results.
It is a fresh look at managing swine production using the very latest in technical software tools and capabilities. Simple, relevant and efficient. HerdStar’s software team will be demonstrating the new version in booth 664 of the Varied Industries Building at the World Pork Expo, 6-8 June. 

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