Health alert after pig farmers die

29-12-2006 | |

Hong Kong health officials are probing the deaths of two pig farmers suffering from pneumonic symptoms in the last half year.

Up until now, researchers have not been able to identify either the virus or bacteria that triggered the symptoms.

“Further investigations are needed to ascertain the nature of a possible infectious illness and whether these were in anyway connected to pigs,” Centre for Health Protection consultant Thomas Tsang Ho-fai said.

Pneumonic symptoms

The two men, a 44-year-old and a 62-year-old man, had suffered from pneumonic symptoms prior to their deaths on December 13 and June 4, respectively.

Investigations have shown so far that no family members of the 44-year old man had suffered from similar symptoms. Officials are still examining the family of the patient who died in June.

The two deaths have sparked concern over a lack of reporting of animal- related diseases in Hong Kong.

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