Harles & Jentzsch: Dioxin scandal firm may onlly get small fine

08-04-2011 | |

Feed ingredient supplier Harles & Jentzsch in Uetersen, Germany might get away with a mild penalty for causing the dioxin scandal earlier this year. Indications are a fine of €20,000.

Harles & Jentzsch (H&J) is considered having caused the dioxin scandal in Germany, resulting in the killing and destruction of thousands of animals and blocking of almost 5,000 farms, resulting in a dramatic loss of revenue for the meat and egg sector.
Agriculture law experts say the German Feed Law offers room for interpretation. H&J apparently did not contaminate feed with dioxin, but only feed fats, or a component of animal feed.
In the end H&J could get away with only a misdemeanor which is sanctioned with a relatively small fine.
Intended or not?
For a tougher sentence the prosecutor would have to prove that Harles and Jentzsch has intentionally mixed the dioxin into the feed fats. This is being investigated to date.
The prosecution told NDR1 Welle Nord radio, that it is determined to prosecute H&J also because of a suspicion of fraud and tax evasion, which would result in considerably higher penalties.
In addition, dozens of farmers are demanding compensation. Next to H&J their insurance company could pay for that. The latter, however, will only pay if it becomes clear that H&J was unaware of the dioxin contamination.

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