Grumpy the pig is a busy mum

03-01-2008 | |

Britian’s busiest mum – Grumpy the pig – has given birth to more than 50 piglets in the last 12 months.

The average sow gives birth to around 22 piglets per year, while Grumpy has exceeded this twice over. Her first litter –of 18 piglets- in 2007 were born on January 28 with 17 more on July 10 and finally the last 16 were born on New Year’s Eve.

Pat Mabbutt, her owner believes that she may have set a new record for piglets produced in a year.

His 22-year-old daughter Rachel acted as midwife at times for Grumpy.

“Grumpy doesn’t like me going anywhere near her when she’s giving birth but is quite happy for Rachel to pick up the piglets and clear their airways,” he said.

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