Growing Brazilian meat exports endangered

03-10-2006 | |
Growing Brazilian meat exports endangered

Dark clouds are ahead for the growing Brazilian meat exports. Traceability, control on animal diseases and rising production costs are posing threats to trade.

In a very extensive report, consultancy agency Agra-FNP concludes that the limits of Brazilian growth are visible. That could happen in spite of the fact that the country has been growing rapidly to become one of the world’s major meat exporters. In the last ten years exports have been rising with an average growth of 21%.


“Brazilian image is endangered, and every problem in one of the meat sectors has an immediate impact on others,” the study says.
Brazilian government should act in order to guarantee future growth in livestock and meat industry.

Rising costs

Should quality improve, then production costs will rise. “Salary costs will rise, just like costs for better traceability. Also costs for meeting EU standards of residues, hormones and antibiotics will make sure a strong cost rise will happen.”

Agra-FNP says large companies will only be able to continue existing if they manage to professionalise.
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