GroMaster introduces Feed Allocation System

04-06-2009 | |

US swine equipment company GroMaster added a web-based feed allocation system to its portfolio and demonstrated this with a demo at World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa.

Working at a swine management company, Joel Stave thought feed orders could be placed more effectively and more accurately than using excel sheets or phones. Hence, he devised the Feed Allocation System – which he started marketing with his company PrairiE Systems.

Teaming up with GroMaster, hopes are the bigger public can be reached in a time when producers are looking for ways to save on feed costs.

The computer system has two interfaces – one for the ordering party and one for the receiving party, often a feed mill or an intermediate bureau. The web-based programme allows ordering on-time and evaluation of nutrition programmes. So-called ‘ration verification’ delivers right feed at the right time.

Information can be obtained by farm, by barn, by group and by pen.

For now, the product can only be used for the weaning to finish period. Data from several sow and other data management programmes can be transferred to the Feed Allocation System.

Plans are, to possibly extend service to include slaughterhouse information as well in the future.

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