Greece: Second shipment of pork confiscated

19-12-2007 | |

A shipment of Cypriot meat products was confiscated at a Greek port this week marking the second of such incidents in recent times.

Around 25 tonnes of frozen pork products, deemed unsuitable for human consumption, were seized at the port of Piraeus. The consignment was dated back to the period between September 15 and December 15, when such exports were forbidden due to the FMD outbreak in Cyprus.

Officials from Athens have been quoted as stating that a number of rogue traders were attempting to ‘dump’ the banned meat.

The shipment is being destroyed and veterinarian officials will proceed with disinfecting.

Two weeks ago the European Commission lifted a ban on exports of pork meat originating outside the 10km surveillance zone, but kept in place all other restrictions that had been in place.

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