GPS curbs bad pork trade in Taiwan

03-01-2007 | |
GPS curbs bad pork trade in Taiwan

A new Taiwanese policy is thought to prevent about 30,000 metric tonnes of diseased pork from entering the market every year.

The law, compelling all 125 licensed trucks to install a global positioning system (GPS), came into force in June last year and has been fully implemented by now.

This resulted in a large rise in reported diseased pork. A total of 8,622 metric tonnes of diseased pork was now sent to designated feed-processing plants in October and November 2005 – up 5,500 metric tonnes in comparison to the year before.

Based on this outcome, the measure could be preventing 30,000 metric tonnes of bad quality pork to enther the food chain.

Easy monitoring

The measure was adopted to facilitate Environmental Protection Administration monitoring and ensuring the diseased animals are sent to these designated feed-processing plants.

Stories are known of unscrupulous traders have been reselling diseased pork to restaurants and food manufacturers.

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