Good bacterial stimulation with plant extract

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Good bacterial stimulation with plant extract

NEXT Enhance® 150 is a standardised combination of thymol and carvacrol, the active ingredients of Origanum oil.  This combination acts to optimise gut flora equilibrium in poultry and pigs, leading to better feed efficiency and growth for the animal.

Continuing to understand the mechanisms behind the consistent benefits in animal trials, Carotenoid Technologies SA (CaroTech®) has worked exclusively with the Zootechnical Department at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia., one of the few sites in Europe which has the expertise in the state-of-the-art methodology of PCR-DGGE fingerprinting. 

Previous work by the two groups has elucidated the effects of the combination of thymol and carvacrol found in Origanum spp. have been shown by molecular profiling to increase Lactobacillus populations and reduce E. coli.  New scientific results have been published in Folia Microbiologica 53 (3), 204-208 (2008).  Entitled  “Effect of Sodium Monensin and Cinnamaldehyde on the Growth and Phenotypic Characteristics of Prevotella bryantii and Prevotella ruminicola” (D. Ferme, M. Malnersic, L. Lipoglavsek, C. Kamel, G. Avgustin).

Current studies are underway with a European partner to determine the effects on Clostridium spp. and other pathogens. These novel findings not only pave the way for a better understanding of the active ingredients, but can be used as supportive data in the product registration as a zootechnical additive under European Directive 1831/2003.

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