Gold EuroTier medal for Hölscher & Leuschner

29-09-2006 | |
Gold EuroTier medal for Hölscher & Leuschner

German equipment manufacturer Hölscher & Leuschner from Emsbüren has received a Eurotier golden medal for the development for an image-processing system for automatic health control of sows in group management.

The system is succeeding the OptiSort mechanism, that already uses cameras for the monitoring of large groups of fattening pigs.

Now, thanks to a special opto-electronic image processing system the rear part of the sow is recorded and evaluated via a special analysis programme.

The German Agricultural Society, who set up an impartial commission of experts, judged the new system is an ‘innovative, important approach to herd management for demand feeding in large groups’.

Silver medals were awarded to:

  • H. Wilhelm Schaumann, ‘Biological ensiling agent to boost biogas yield’
  • RIMU – Lüftungstechnik & University of Bonn, ‘BiogasPro, Biogas plant surveillance in focus’
  • Menno Chemie-Vertrieb & Bernd Pragst – Silo Service, ‘Silo-RoBoFox – cleaning robot’
  • Bernhard Mannebeck Landtechnik, ‘ Swingfix – swinging door – self-catching box’
  • TEWE-Elektronic, ‘Hygiene package for dry feeding’

Eurotier will be held from 14-17 November in Hanover, Germany.

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