Germany: Tönnies follows Westfleisch’s example

04-01-2008 | |
Germany: Tönnies follows Westfleisch’s example

German meat producer, Tönnies, is to follow its competitor Westfleisch’s example by adapting its payment system to pig suppliers.

From the beginning of January 2008, Westfleisch will pay an additional ‘bonus’ to suppliers for heavier pigs. Tönnies is obliged to follow suit in order to avoid being left with lighter pigs.

Tönnies will grant 0.22 extra index points for pigs for slaughter between 93 and 103kg. For pigs between 80 and 93% 0.22 points will be deducted.

The tendency to deliver light pigs to slaughter has increased greatly recently due to the explosion in grain prices.

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