Germany police stop pig transport

20-12-2007 | |

The German police have stopped a pig transport in its tracks for the second time in recent times.

The driver was fined for violating the permitted transport times and for overloading the truck. According to the Dutch animal protection organisation, Stichting Varkens in Nood, it appeared that there was no water on board for the animals.

The transport originated in the Dutch province of Gelderland and was on way to the Czech Republic.

The NBHV, Dutch industry association for livestock trading, refuted claims of the Stichting that the animals’ welfare was in danger. They maintain that although the permitted transport times of 8 hours without a rest were exceeded by a half hour, the journey to the Czech Republic takes 10 hours and this is the norm for such transports.

In addition, the NBHV maintains that the load adhered to standard general load regulations and that the driver did demonstrate to the police how the functioning of the water system which did in fact work.

This is the second incident involving pig transports along the German Autobahn in the last half year – in the summer, another truck was stopped by the police as other drivers had reported seeing blood spilling from the vehicle.

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