Germany: ISN on real pig prices

18-03-2008 | |

If the price of pigs does not stabilise around €2 per kilo in the next while, pork may become a scarce product.

Such is the opinion of Frans Meyer zu Holte, Chairman of the German pig producers’ organisation, ISN, at the 20th anniversary of the organisation on March 7 in Münster.

He continued further stating that producers in Central Europe have lost income of around €2-2.5b in the last year. “Prices were 20% lower in the last half year in comparison to a year previously. If you see that meat prices are still around the same as in 2006, someone is making big money in the production chain”.

He also called for a more “business-like” approach from the EU to allowing the use of GM feedstuffs such as corn and soya.

Looking to the future, he guaranteed market transparency for the some 11,864 ISN-members.

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