Germany free of Classical Swine Fever

17-11-2006 | |

Following regulations in the OIE Animal Health Code Germany is now free of Classical Swine Fever (CSF).

Six months have passed since the last outbreak of the disease.
To eradicate CSF on the short term the strategy of stamping out without vaccination has been applied successfully, according to a report from Dr Werner Zwingmann, head of the animal health division of the ministry of consumer protection, food and agriculture.

Control plans

Germany has drawn up different control plans each year for CSF control that are adapted to the situation of the disease in the country.
It has set out further measures for CSF control and for the monitoring of the epidemiological situation in Germany with a view to finally eradicating this disease in domestic pigs and wild boar and to preventing introductions from third countries.

Key contents

These plans contain requirements for the following aspects as key contents:
• checks on the identification of pigs,
• testing programmes providing for virological and serological tests in breeding herds and boar herds,
• prevention and control of CSF in wild boar,
• feeding of swill (kitchen offal),
• training and information schemes for farmers, traders and veterinarians.
These plans have been approved by the European Commission.
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