Germany becomes EU’s leading pigmeat exporter

09-01-2009 | |

Denmark lost its crown as the EU’s leading pigmeat exporter to Germany over the course of 2008, states LandbrugsAvisen.

Figures released by German state secretary, Gerd Mueller show that Germany exported over 1.5 million tonnes of pigmeat in the first three quarters of last year, superseding Denmark, which for many years had held the leading export position.

German exports to non-EU countries increased by 74% in the first three quarters of 2008 to reach 300 000t; this was an increase in value terms of 124% to reach €336m, contributing substantially to the overall rise.

New veterinary agreements secured by the German food ministry with non-EU markets may have paved the way for the increase, according to some reports. Germany’s export success comes despite a 2.7% fall in the nation’s pig production compared to the previous year.